Welcome To The World Emmaline Larain

This is the blanket that we wrapped Emmaline in and announced her name to our family members

It’s been roughly 3 months since our last post and for good reason.  We welcomed our beautiful daughter Emmaline Larain Pomeroy into the world and our family on Friday, July 28, 2017 at 1:34pm. Since then we have been fully soaking in all the newborn cuddles and special family moments that come with having a new baby in the home. Matt and I were both blessed to be home for the first 8 weeks of Emmalines life so we really took that time to help her get adjusted (as well as a newborn can) and spend a lot of time bonding as a family of four.

Emmaline all snuggled up on my wedding dress with my veil draped over her

Our Pomeroy Family of 4
Annabelle loves her sister so much

Kisses for her sister and best friend

Her sweet little baby feet
Holding onto Momma and Daddy’s wedding bands

And the answer to the question of the last three months – How is Annabelle doing with being a big sister?
She absolutely LOVES it! She is the most caring, adoring big sister we have ever seen and hasn’t shown even one once of jealousy towards her! She just wants to take care of her little sister, hold her, cuddle her and kiss her all day long!  And Emmaline loves all the sister bonding time as much as Annabelle does. The way they both already love each other and have a special sisterly bond is such an answer to prayer. Matt and I specifically prayed during our entire pregnancy that they would be best friends from the very beginning and they definitely have been just that. We are loving getting to watch the two of them bond and their relationship bloom day by day. Of course we’re totally biased but they are without a doubt the sweetest pair of sisters we have ever laid eyes on.

This is my favorite picture of Matt and Emmaline still to date, I just love the way he adores our girls.

Our beautiful girl with a head full of dark hair

So that’s all the updates we have for now friends. Until next time we are just going to leave you with a slew of our favorite photos from Emmalines newborn pictures that were taken the week she was born.

One of my favorites of our girls

Matt’s favorite photo of Emmaline and I
Just a guy and his girls ❤






Much Love & Prayer,

Matt & Blair

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